Touring Stories

audience-868074_1920There are many untold stories of rock groups and the tours they have been on. I have been there for a good portion of these real life events. Now do not get me wrong I have been blessed to be apart of amazing tours and have seen beautiful places and things. But where there is light there is darkness, we have dealt with shady business owners and slick promoters. One thing we can say is, we did have a positive experience when we were touring out in Boston. We set up a Limo Service pick and drop off. It was our first time in Boston so like any other new folks to any new place we pulled up google and typed in, limo service in Boston. We clicked on the first company that popped up and we lucked out. Our driver was on point and made our tour out in Boston a smooth one.

concert-336695_1920We did go on one tour that was a complete disaster I won’t name the town because we did meet some awesome people there that eventually helped us out. We worked with a limo company in Connecticut that was awesome  They were great however, it had to do with a hotel room booking we had been booked for about 4-6 weeks in advance. When the team arrived we were told that the suite was given away because of a deposit that was not made. The manager of the group had receipts for the reservation and still no luck. Not to long after our argument with the hotel manager my faith in good people was restored when we had an encounter with a older local business owner.

We were desperate at this point, ironically there was an owner of a Bed and Breakfast sitting in the lobby area that heard our back and forth with the hotel manager. This wonderful woman approached us and she offered to shut down her Bed and Breakfast for our whole team and she did just that. She closed it down and we paid her handsomely to be treated like royalty. We were really lucky to have had that woman sitting in that lobby area at that very moment.

I want to touch on a “touchy” subject, let’s talk about “road groupies”. Groupies, fans, #1 Fan, whatever you might think of groupies there is also a light and dark side to accepting strangers on your tour. Picture this, you are on the road after a grueling 7 day stretch and your team needs to eat so you stop and grab something. As you are getting your munch on you are approached by someone who is offering more than a burger, how do you react? If you were stuck on a tour bus with a bunch of guys and no circulation you would be desperate for some companionship. The rest is history and just use your imagination to picture all possible outcomes. Just remember hooking up with a groupie is a 50/50 proposition, you have to be willing to take chances to have some fun. Some Rock stars do just that and they wake up the next day regretting their actions or not.

I have been around long enough to tell you that being on the road with rock stars, alcohol, drugs and other crazy events is a book in itself. World touring is fun but it also has it’s dark side the list goes on and on. I hope someday to write more than just a blog about touring and music, stay tuned.

Music is the Future

Thanks for visiting my blog Praise For Wallflower.  This a music blog that is going to be very different from most musical sites you will run across.  Most of them are either arguing about which musical genre is the best or why their old school band is way better than the one you like.  You will also find that most of them are trying to sell you some sort of products, whether it’s fan memorabilia or musical instruments and accessories.  Our main focus has always been on the Australian Music scene but more recently the American Rock Music scene.

Australian Rock Music aka Oz Rock is an awesome artful manner of expression that started in the 1950’s and exploded immediately on the scene.  It really came in 3 waves, the 1950’s, 1960’s and the 1970’s.  It was a great time for all of Australian youth who had an interest in music and even those that didn’t have one.


American Rock Music hit the scene some might say with the Beetles and the Rolling Stones..but would most would agree that the face of American Rock Music has definitely changed over the decades.  Most wouldn’t call the Beetles rock music these days.  In the 1980’s you had glam rock where men were wearing wigs and make up on stage and that was considered rock music of the time.  To the transformation of the late 80’s to early 90’s where thrash metal took hold and bands like slayer and megadeath were then considered rock of it’s time.

Glam Rock

A little bit about who we are, what has been, what is and what is to come.  We used to focus just on Oz Rock/Australian Rock with very little American Rock.  With the explosion and popularity of American Rock we would like to focus some of our time on a lot of the yankee genre’s of rock.  We will however always stay true to our Aussie Fans and promise that in the near future we will get back onto the Oz Rock Crazy Train.

We want to focus this year on American:

1. Thrash Metal

2. Grunge Rock

3. Hard Rock

4. Classic Rock (like ozzie)

5. Alternative Rock (Korn, Tool etc)


The reason why we love writing is the fact that rock music does something different to us and for us all.  Sometimes it is there to mellow us out.  Sometimes it’s there to channel the anger that’s going on in our lives at that time.  And sometimes let’s just be honest..we just want to crank it up and Rock out.

Whatever your reasoning is behind your love of music, never let it die….it might sound crazy, but it’s the key to the future.  Please contact us with any questions.